10 Things That Will Rob You of Energy (If you let them)


I am on an incessant personal journey of awareness.

Being aware, conscious, present…is something you cannot delegate or outsource. It takes conscious effort and I’ve been working on it hand in hand through prayer and meditation.

The Dalai Lama listed some his teachings regarding the things that may rob you and your efforts of becoming aware. In these crazy times, I wanted to share them you:

1. Let go of people who only come to you to complain, gossip, fear and have judgement of others. If someone is in search of a can to dump their garbage in, make sure it’s not your head.

2. Keep your promises. If you haven’t been able to deliver on a promise, ask yourself why you are resisting. Remember, you can always change your mind,  ask for forgiveness and  renegotiate the terms of the initial promise offering an alternative. The easiest way to avoid breaking a promise is saying no in the first place.

3. Delegate what is possible and dedicate your time to the things you enjoy doing. Because we want to be in control and don’t give ourselves permission to the things we really enjoy, we tend to waste time.

4. Give yourself permission to rest when you need to but also take action in a moment of opportunity. Nature has different rhythms, life does too. Not acting when you’re supposed to drains you of energy, but not resting when you need to, does too.

5. Nothing robs you of more energy than a disorganized space or full of things you do not need. So one by one pick up each piece of paper, each memory, even each one of your dreams and decide.

6. Give your health and wellbeing priority. If your body isn’t working properly, there’s not much you will be able to get done. So get out in the sunlight, meditate, breath, exercise in nature, listen to your body.

7. Confront toxic situations that you’ve been avoiding. From ‘rescuing’ a friend or loved one to an abusive partner or coworker, take the necessary action. Tolerating  a situation that you can change only drains you of more energy.

8. Accept. It’s not tolerance, but if you cannot change it…had it over to God or your higher power. You can always choose your own path and to detach yourself from a situation you cannot control.

9. Forgive. Let go of a situation that may be causing you pain. You can always choose to leave pain in the past.

10. Fear, grudges and anger are the biggest energy drainers. Connect yourself to your higher power, the biggest force of energy that exists and you will be released of the pain.

Focus on the present. Living in the past or in the future will drain you from living today. Don’t rob yourself of the beautiful journey that is your life…made up of every second, every minute, every day…and YOU  DECIDE how you spend each one.

To living fabulously Chica!

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