7 Tips For Inspiring Your Partners, Clients, or Team


Do you work with happy and highly inspired individuals? Have you made a commitment to create an enjoyable and productive environment at work?

If the answer is no to either of these questions, then it is time to learn how to inspire your crew.

To me, your crew is represented by your business partners, your clients, and your employees. In other words, you need to engage with your community to keep its members happy.

In order to attract and retain valuable people around you, you need to acknowledge that making your place of business a better, more enjoyable environment is actually important.

Growing a business can be both challenging and costly and I wholeheartedly believe that community ALWAYS wins.

Here are 7 tips to inspire your community:

  1. Use “we” instead of “us and them” in your communications and treat your staff as your partners in your business. That’s what they are. A true entrepreneur knows that it takes a village to grow a business.
  2. Keep your community informed about business performance that affect them.
  3. Empower your community by making them a part of making decisions that ultimately affect them. Although sometimes inevitable, no one likes surprises that could negatively impact their livelihood. Communication is beyond powerful with your crew.
  4. Foster an environment of lifelong learning. Encourage all staff member to pursue professional training and personal-development opportunities.
  5. Celebrate success at any level, personal or professional. You know how fabulous it feels to scale the success ladder. Show your community you care by acknowledging their wins, too! They are your wins too!
  6. Be flexible and help accommodate your team if they need to tend to personal matters. We all have people and situations in our lives that need attention. Humanizing your systems, deadlines, and expectations to meet realistic expectations creates loyalty.
  7. Build a sense of community by communicating openly and regularly with your staff about performance, project deadlines, new clients, issues, concerns and opportunities. This creates a safe environment that encourages openness and freedom to express concerns, issues and opportunities without fear of retribution.

Client, partner, or team inspiration is one of the most critical factors in managing people and creating winning communities. A sense of belonging not only attracts valuable people to want to be around you, it helps you keep them there for years to come!

How are you inspiring those you come in contact with?

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