BELLA New York Magazine’s 4th Annual White Party -What A Fabulous Weekend!


For the past 4 years, BELLA has celebrated what is the most coveted summer party in the East Coast. Yes, that’s a skewed view as I work at BELLA, but…it’s honestly the truth!

This year was extra special as I had the opportunity to make the entire experience a weekend away with my colleagues and friends.

Any time away from my family is never without the guilt, but it is extremely important for my sanity. Period.

The victory didn’t come without a few bumps on the road and as I looked through the images that I was able to snap with my phone and those that Teresa Pyskaty took, I was enamored at the fabulousness of 3 days in the Hamptons, but most importantly reminded once again that team work, makes the dream work.

Lynette Barbieri came along for the ride and made sure that I not only had fun, but took care of me when I did work related tasks (like making sure I ate and drank and slept, things we take for granted when we’re busy).

I am so happy to be part of such an amazing team, led by two beautiful people Courtenay and Daniel Hall.

Thank you for the continued fun ride and for welcoming some of our fabulous ETTWomen  to the experience!

Here are some fun shots from the weekend!




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  • It was a wonderful weekend! We are always working and never have time away to just mingle and have fun! Thank you for including me again!

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